Buzlr.net Online-Shop Startup Package


Online-shop setup on buzlr.net including first year hosting + SSL + startup-support-package

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1. Fully functional online-shop setup
2. Full year eCommerce hosting + SSL + add your own domain
3. Startup support package to assist you to add your domain, info and products, and to modify your site-design
4. Sell up to 200 products / packaged-services / digital-downloads with unlimited variations
5. Free payment integration with PayPal / PayFast.co.za / Yoco.co.za
6. Super-easy front-end drag-and-drag page-builder with tons of features for flexible mobile-friendly site-design (Similar to Wix)
7. Drag-and-drop form-builder / SEO module
8. Fully functional eCommerce module including stock-management, shipping-calcs, customer login
9. All software license fees
10. Ongoing support


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