De Waterkant Micro-Market
Marketing Campaign (Nov/Dec/Jan)

Get Brand Exposure

Your business boosted to 25,000+ subscribers in your proximity...

Take part in our [Extreme-Boost] brand-activations service and be featured in a 90 second co-branded video to be shot in De Waterkant micro-market featuring 12 local lifestyle brands situated in the area. A professional video-production company will be shooting & making the video, to be spiced up with a great vibe of 15 crowd-extras, balloons, bubbles, flowers & music etc.


Get the following exposure:
R5,250.00 for 5 secs
R8,250.00 for 8 secs

6 Mail Shots

6 mail-shots will be sent out over Nov, Dec & Jan to promote your business & a specific product(s) you have on offer


Each brand will contribute pro-rata towards a prize. (R1-2k)

The Draw-Card

Total prize value will be R20,000 to generate a monthly mail-shot database

Target Entries

R20,000 in paid Facebook advertising will be spent to get a minimum 25,000 entries (subscribers)

You will receive continuous exposure via the Facebook page, YouTube Channel & the 6 mail-shots

The 6 mail-shots linked to a monthly offer(s) will keep your brand top-of-mind to encourage an action (click&collect, click&eat, click&enjoy)


The cost of sending a mail-shot to 25,000 subscribers using a professional mail-system would normally cost you around R2,325.00 per month.. This co-branding initiative reduces this cost significantly and which also includes design, facilitation etc.


R5,250.00 4 slots
  • Video: 5 seconds
  • Crowd extra's: 10
  • Mail-shots: 6 (Nov / Dec / Jan)
  • Offers per mailshot: 1
  • Voucher contribution: R1,000.00


R8,250.00 8 slots
  • Video: 8 seconds
  • Crowd extra's: 15
  • Mail-shots: 6 (Nov / Dec / Jan)
  • Offers per mailshot: 2
  • Voucher contribution: R2,000.00

Additional Info:

A dedicated Facebook Page & YouTube channel will be set up for [Extreme Boost]
The mail-shots will click through to a web-page with an article & offer(s) per brand
(can be linked straight to an action - eCommerce, form-submit, subscribe)
You will receive continuous exposure via the Facebook page, YouTube Channel & the 6 mail-shots
Our server has been upgraded accordingly to handle the anticipated load (6 processors + 12GB RAM)
An auditing company will ensure that the subscriber list reconciles to the competition entries & that R20,000 in premium advertising is spent on Facebook

Submit your details below to take part:

To be included in this video & micro-market promotion, kindly submit your details below to secure your spot in the video along with 11 other lifestyle brands in De Waterkant micro-market (A 50% deposit is required to secure & remaining balance by 21 November 2018)

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